Ivy Tech Corporate College is now offering a variety of essential and high-demand mining programs including New Miner training for both surface and underground mining, surface and underground Annual Refresher training, Supervisory First Aid and Supervisory First Aid Annual Refresher, electrical training, Part 46 (metal non-metal) and Part 48 (coal mining) training.

No matter what type of mining work an individual is interested in (rock, sand and gravel, gold, coal, etc.) it is a federal requirement to receive New Miner training before going to work in a mine, and to receive Annual Refresher training thereafter. The training is also mandatory for anyone looking to work on mine property, including miners, contractors, vendors, and support personnel.

New Miner training is a starting point to enter the mining industry for those who have an interest in mechanical maintenance, diesel maintenance, electrical maintenance, hydraulics, welding, management, and engineering. For additional job opportunities, the New Miner training can be used in combination with other mechanical, electrical, and welding programs offered at Ivy Tech Community College.

Participants in the training will receive a certification which will remain valid for 36 months preceding employment. The training will be provided by Mine Safety an Health Administration (MSHA) certified instructors with more than 200 combined years of mining experience on a world-wide stage.

For more information on the program, individuals are encouraged to contact Ivy Tech Corporate College at (812) 429-9810 or jsnowden11@ivytech.edu.


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