Ivy Tech Community College Dedicates 360⁰ Classroom

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA—A 360-degree multimedia classroom at Ivy Tech Community College was dedicated today, as the result of a generous donation made by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI).

TMMI made a $100,000 contribution as part of the Changing Lives major gifts campaign. $63,000 of these funds were used to purchase four high-definition flat screen television monitors with built-in Wi-Fi, a synching system which allows each monitor to be controlled by multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer), a projector and moveable desks and chairs, as well as 20 laptops for student use in the classroom.

This unique classroom is home to Ivy Tech’s communications classes. It offers television monitors around the entire perimeter of the room which allows for several modes of presentation for both the instructor and students. Faculty members are encouraged to limit lecture time, and introduce class participation learning activities. Seating is arranged in groups encouraging collaborative efforts, and increased communication. The room is designed also to prevent any seat in the room having poor access visually or auditorily. Students are able to seamlessly interact in new and exciting ways.

Karen Johnston, external manager of community affairs for Toyota Motor North America, said, “Because STEM-based programs are a key focus area for Toyota, we are pleased to make this contribution to Ivy Tech for the use of technology in its classrooms.  This will not only help advance students’ education, but it will prepare them for success in the workforce.”

Ivy Tech Chancellor Jonathan Weinzapfel said TMMI has been a continuing force in assisting the college to prepare tomorrow’s workforce. “The continued collaboration of Toyota with Ivy Tech makes a difference at Ivy Tech and in our community in so many ways,” he said. “In addition to this funding to enhance our technological learning environment, TMMI realizes the importance of job skill development for its employees, partnering with the college to provide certification classes; and has contributed to the College Connection Coach program, placing advisers in high schools to educate students about the benefits of a college education, and assist them with the application process.

“Ivy Tech has also been a part of a national conversation about how to make the practice of workforce training and traditional higher education richer, more dynamic, learner centered, and technology driven,” Weinzapfel continued.  “Under this initiative, faculty who are content experts in their respective fields will have access to a teaching center in which they will be able to merge their expertise with the best thinking in educational delivery and instructional design.”

Ivy Tech continues to make strategic investments in the technology that is necessary to equip its faculty and students and develop collaboration stations and labs where students and faculty can share data across multiple platforms in real time, he said.

“Ivy Tech is grateful for its partnership with TMMI and for its investment in this state-of-the-art teaching center, the first of its kind on our Evansville campus,” said Ayana Blair, Ivy Tech executive director of resource development.

Ivy Tech Community College Dedicates 360⁰ Classroom

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