Ivy Tech Corporate College Event Planner Class Set

EVANSVILLE, IN- Ivy Tech Community College’s Corporate College division will soon offer a class for individuals to become a certified corporate event planner.

The class, which begins this fall, will meet two days a week, for 10 weeks – between Sept. 12 and Nov. 17, from 7-9 p.m., at Ivy Tech Corporate College, 651 Fairway Drive, Evansville, IN. Total cost for the class, which includes workbook, instruction, online curriculum, event planning software, certification exam and online student networking center, is $995. Payment plans are available if arranged early.

Corporate event planners have become a major part of the special events industry. It is a demanding role and must be managed carefully, said Lyn Morehead, Corporate College executive. “Corporate events span all industries. The Wedding Planning Institute’s Corporate Event Planning Course provides detailed guidelines on how to design events, plan events, set budgets, execute events successfully, review performances, and charge for services.”

To register or to receive more information, call Lyn Morehead at 812-429-9813, or email bmorehead1@ivytech.edu.

Ivy Tech Corporate College Event Planner Class Set

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