Southwest Indiana Workforce Coalition Receives Grant To Educate, Pay, and Employ Students in Preparation for Manufacturing Jobs

Ivy Tech Community College, along with the newly created Southwest Indiana Workforce Coalition comprised of local industry, business and educational partners in Southwest Indiana, have learned that they have been approved for a grant totaling nearly $667,000 from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to provide paid educational opportunities in the manufacturing field, as well as job shadowing, and potential job opportunities. Initial partner organizations include:  ORG CHEM Group, BWX Technologies, Inc., FLANDERS, Junior Achievement of Southwestern Indiana, Koch Enterprises, Inc., Toyota Boshoku Indiana, LLC., Wabash Plastics, WorkOne Southwest, and Ivy Tech Community College Southwest.

“The Southwest Indiana Workforce Coalition has developed an expansive plan for Southwest Indiana to not only educate students in manufacturing, preparing them for good paying jobs available in industry in our communities – but also to compensate them during these class times, so that they can continue to meet their personal and family needs,” said Jonathan Weinzapfel, chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College Southwest.

“We know that an obstacle to receiving more education for a better paying job, is that folks must keep working the jobs that they have, in order to meet their basic needs. This plan will allow them to begin their classes at Ivy Tech, and also have the guarantee of being able to meet with local employers; job shadow with these employers, and have a potential career path laid out for them.” The funding is one of 12 regional partnerships across the state receiving a total of $7.7 million. The Skill Up program provides funding to develop training and educational programs aligning with employer needs.

The coalition has created a Hoosier Apprenticeship Model, so that area youth, parents, teachers, and the public can see a clear pathway for a high demand, middle-to-high-wage job – with clear career pathways in area companies. 


“This model maximizes the employer tuition reimbursement program, and aids in developing a highly-educated and diverse workforce that is upwardly mobile throughout the manufacturing industry,” Weinzapfel added.

The program also has a goal of addressing some negative perceptions of manufacturing, as well as attracting qualified applicants who may already be in careers that are not a good fit. An informational campaign is planned beginning in 2017 to help distribute facts about manufacturing, rather than continue conjecture. This will culminate with a recruitment event conducted by the Southwest Indiana Workforce Coalition companies and Ivy Tech, with the program expecting to begin in Spring 2017.

Training will include:

  • Fundamental workforce skills – also referred to as soft skills
  • OSHA 10-hour general industry certification – teaching safety awareness and reducing jobsite hazards
  • Southwest Indiana Manufacturing Training, also referred to as Manufacturing Skills Standards Certification (MSSC) – this is a nationally recognized certification, which can be used toward 6 credit hours of a college Advanced Manufacturing Certificate at Ivy Tech
  • On the Job workplace rotation – the participant will work for 3 weeks 40 hours per week at each of two manufacturers.
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification – participants will learn lean concepts of process improvement strategies.

More information regarding the program will be released at a later date, but those interested can fill out an interest form at Companies interested in taking part in this program should call: 812-429-1465.

Southwest Indiana Workforce Coalition Receives Grant To Educate, Pay, and Employ Students in Preparation for Manufacturing Jobs

Ivy Tech Student Government Association Raises Money for Kokomo Tornado Relief


Evansville, Ind. – The Ivy Tech Southwest Student Government Association (SGA) raised over $1,100 for its sister campus in Kokomo following a devastating tornado that severely damaged a classroom location for its nursing and health sciences program in August.

About 100 class sections that met in the Inventrek Building in Kokomo were impacted by the tornado.

Members of the Ivy Tech Southwest Student Government Association held a fundraiser in September to pool funds to send to Ivy Tech Kokomo to help students and the community recover from the tornado. The Ivy Tech Terre Haute campus also collected money and canned food to contribute to Kokomo.

“I feel that it is my responsibility as the president of the Ivy Tech Southwest SGA to meet the needs of all Ivy Tech students,” said John Hutchison, Ivy Tech Southwest Student Government Association President.

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Ivy Tech Student Government Association Raises Money for Kokomo Tornado Relief

Economic Development Lecture Series Designed to Aid Entrepreneurs

Evansville, IN – An Economic Development Lecture Series designed to assist those interested in entrepreneurship is planned at Ivy Tech Community College, with its first session planned for Oct. 25. The series is sponsored by the Ivy Tech Diversity Committee, Ivy Tech Division of Business and Public Service, and the Evansville Black Chamber of Commerce.

The first session – titled Brand Development 101 – will discuss the importance of branding a business. It will be offered twice on Oct. 25 – 2:30-3:30 p.m. and 5:30-6:30 p.m., in Room 344 at Ivy Tech.

Admission is free to Ivy Tech students, faculty and staff. Public admission is $10 per session; or $25, for all four of the lectures planned, and can be paid at the Ivy Tech Business Office the day of the event, or before. To register for the event, email prior to the event.

Presenting at the event will be guest speaker Henry Snorton III, principal partner of Mission Vision Partner, LLC and Executive Director of MEDI, Inc.

Mission Vision Partner (MVP) was founded by Snorton, a Certified Economic Developer, in the summer of 2008. After Snorton completed his Master of Public Administration degree and obtained a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, he left the Hopkinsville Chamber of Commerce and launched MVP full-time in July 2008. Snorton said he was led to start MVP after working with a large number of small and midsize businesses, small cities, towns and counties, governmental agencies, churches and nonprofits and some corporations. What he observed, learned and identified as a niche market and opportunities, was that these organizations and others like them had passion, funding and desire to accomplish great things, but simply lacked the practical knowledge and expertise.

MVP’s success is attributed to the communication skills, talent, practical knowledge and expertise of its founder and associates. MVP’s founder and associates have achieved local, state and national award recognition, and business awards. They serve on local, state and regional boards and commissions and work within their churches and communities.

Other upcoming lectures planned include:

  • 1: 12 Things You Should Do Before Launch, 2:30-3:30, location to be determined
  • 15: Benefits of Business Retention, 5:30-6:30 p.m., location to be determined
  • 6: Using the MVP’s Push-Pull Strategy as an Evaluation Tool, 5:30-6:30 p.m., location to be determined.
Economic Development Lecture Series Designed to Aid Entrepreneurs