Ivy Tech to Partner with St. Vincent StatFlight to Offer New Ride-Along Program

Evansville, IN — Ivy Tech Community College Evansville Campus today announced a partnership with St. Vincent’s StatFlight, the largest air medical provider in Indiana, to provide clinical opportunities for Ivy Tech students in the Paramedic Science Program through its new ride-along program.

Second-year students in the program interested in pursuing emergency or intensive care-type opportunities will have the chance to ride along, and see a roadmap of what an individual would need to do in order to be a member of an emergency flight team is their goal.

“We are pleased the Evansville campus has been selected to offer a clinical opportunity of this magnitude for our students,” said Chancellor Jonathan Weinzapfel. “This state-of-the-art, larger helicopter that can hold more individuals than previous versions, will offer even more career pathways for Ivy Tech students to pursue. We thank St. Vincent StatFlight for this opportunity.”

Ivy Tech’s Paramedic Science Program prepares its students to recognize, assess, and manage medical emergencies in pre-hospital and clinical settings. Instruction includes advanced cardiac life support, medical triage, rescue operations, patient stabilization, monitoring and care, drug administration, identification and preliminary diagnosis of diseases and injuries, as well as professional standards and regulations.

Chuck Dietrick, program chair and assistant professor, in Ivy Tech’s Frank L. Hilton MD School of Health Sciences at the Evansville Campus, said students in the program benefit from 360 hours of clinical experience, and 400 hours of an internship using hands-on experiences in actual patient care settings. “The curriculum is a mix of lecture, demonstration, in-class skill practice, and clinical rotations,” Dietrick said.

“This partnership is the key for preparing students for their healthcare careers,” said Pat Rausher, Director of EMS, St. Vincent Evansville.

Ivy Tech to Partner with St. Vincent StatFlight to Offer New Ride-Along Program

2 thoughts on “Ivy Tech to Partner with St. Vincent StatFlight to Offer New Ride-Along Program

  1. Dawn Scales says:

    I am interested in registering for this flight medic course… I currently am a graduate from USI in radiologic technology and have been working as an MRI AND radiology tech for 13 years. Please contact me when you get the chance on what steps I need to take for this opportunity! Thank you!


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